Monitor, communicate and analyze your infrastructure uptime performance.

Easy & reliable uptime and performance monitoring solution, with highly customizable and fast status pages.

Track the uptime performances of your websites, servers, database and ports availability with ease.
Keep track of your Cron jobs or any repetitive process and make sure they are actually running.
Be transparent and build trust with your users and show display your ressources stats beautifully.
Get to know when & for how long your ressources became unavailable & get instant email notifications.

Monitor your infrastructure uptime.

Keep track of your infrastructure uptime and latency performance with endpoint around the world. We have servers in Toronto (Canada), Frankfrut (Germany), Tokyo (Japan), and Sydney (Australia) to help you monitor your servers performance all around the globe.

Track your CRON job easily.

Keeping an eye on your backend jobs on your servers can be tricking. Heartbeat allow you to report every CRON job back to our system to ensure they are running correctly. By sending a POST or GET request after a CRON job is completed, you can easily track their efficiency.

Transparent is key to trust.

We provide a simple, but yet powerful way to communicate your infrastructure health and incidents on a well-designed status page. Increase trust and transparency towards your userbase for easier communication whenever something goes wrong.

Track your incidents & be proactive about it.

If one of your component goes down or offline, we always keep a report of it and instantly notify you based on the notification handlers rules (Slack, E-mail, Discord, Telegram, or a custom webhook destination) that you have setup prior the incidents so you can be proactive about it and resolve it as soon as possible.


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